Monday, October 10, 2005

Some holiday photos

Ok, so now that I've moved my blog to this spiffing new spot, I should probably repost a few photos that were on the original one. These are from a holiday that Michelle and I went on a few weeks ago.

Climbing the Pyramid - Girraween National Park

Second Pyramid, from the top of the first one - Girraween National Park

Balancing Rock - First Pyramid - Girraween National Park

Underground Creek - Girraween National Park

Natural Bridge - Springbrook National Park

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Tallow Beach from the Byron Bay Lighthouse

Feeding King Parrots at O'Reilly's - Lamington national Park

Rosellas at O'Reilly's - Lamington National Park

Wishing Tree at O'Reilly's - Lamington National Park

We went to Girraween first, then to Bald Rock, then up to Laminton, via Springbrook and Byron Bay.

Girraween is an awesome's the most unreal landscape. Huge granite boulders perched on impossibly small bases that look like the wind could blow them over at any moment!

Bald Rock is similar but just as breathtaking from the top.

We only had a brief stop at Springbrook to take some photos of the Natural Bridge (photo above), then it was on to Byron for a couple of relaxing days of too much wine and food :-)

Lamington is some of the most beautiful rainforest I've seen, but unfortunately the weather turned bad for us on the last day, so we ended up having to go walking in the wet.....somewhat unpleasent to say the least :-( However, feeding the King Parrots and Rosellas on the first day was way cool :-)

If you ever get the chance to check out any of these places, I highly recommend it!

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