Friday, June 16, 2006

Bad vibrations.......

I've been doing quite a bit of r/c helicopter flying of late, now that I have a shiny new OS .50 Hyper engine in it.......can you say 'power'? :) Unfortunately though, my helicopter has suddenly decided it's going to try to shake itself to pieces in the air. I've picked up a rather annoying vibration problem that's had me stumped trying to fix it. I've replaced (in no particular order).......
Tail output shaft,
Tail blade hub,
Clutch shoe assy,
Cooling fan (I got the shiny bling K&S's niiiiice),
Tail pitch slider assy (some more K&S bling)
Washout assy (yet *more* K&S bling!)

All of that to no avail....other than adding significant cost to the upgrades I've got on this thing. BUT.....last night while I was refitting the engine after painting the back of the new cooling fan black (so my new optical govenor sensor wouldn't get confused and keep turning itself off in mid flight), I discovered that I have a wobbly clutch bell. So, having replaced a whole pile of bits that didn't need replacing, I think I just might have *finally* worked out where the vibes are coming from.

I'm now waiting for some more 'upgrades' to replace those bits :-)

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