Friday, April 13, 2007

Kites ain't kites....

Just before Easter, I managed to get my hands on a Peter Lynn Venom2 kite to try (thanks to Lachy at Kiteworks, who kindly offered to send it to me) while I was off on holidays. I'd been keen to try the 'foil' style kites for ages, but no-one around here flies them and there's no kite shop here.
So, when Lachy offered me a 13M to demo for a while, I wasn't about to refuse :-) Man...what an awesome bit of gear! I did the highest jumps I've ever done, with huge hangtime and the most floaty landings ever. The first couple of really high ones (after I got the timing sorted out) were downright scary! It also made for big, floaty front-roll transitions with very little effort. It soaks up the gusts like a sponge and has fantastic wind range too.

There's only one drawback.....I had to give it back :-( I went out for a session on my own kites this afternoon and, well, they suck by comparison. I didn't realise just how bad they are (twitchy, poor gust handling and woeful depower) compared to the Venom2. I know what I'll be buying when I can afford to replace my kites now!

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Blogger Craig said...

haha great, flown them for years... small ones are great, biggest ones are good but not amazing, trying 20m rhino5 for a while for the biggest kite in my quiver. but the smaller ones... fantastic.

4/20/2007 7:31 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

My biggest kite is my 16M Airush Lift, but I rarely pump it up these days. I much prefer to fly the smaller stuff, so unless I'm in the mood for a sedate cruise session, I normally don't bother with the big bus :-)

4/20/2007 8:01 pm  

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