Thursday, February 08, 2007

Moving house.

I've moved! I finally got to move to Bundaberg, which puts me nice and close to Elliott Heads for when I want to go for a kite :-) Not that I've been doing a lot of that.....the wind has been rubbish since I moved here :-(

Here's a tip....don't move over xmas/new year. What a drama. None of the regular moving companies work over that time, so we had to do it outselves. I've sworn that I'll never do it again. No matter how much it costs, I'll be paying a removalist next time. Multiple trips in my Patrol (towing a trailer) *with* Michelle following in her car, plus 2 trips in the pantec we hired to move the 'big' stuff. How the hell can you possibly fit that much stuff in a 4 bedroom house??

Anyway, it's done now. Now all I gotta do is work out a way to bring the south east winds back and I'll be set :-)



Anonymous Firewave said...

Good to hear you made it there in one piece, even if it was an epic process :)

I hope work's been going well - I'm sure the wind will pick up eventually (it's been mediocre here as well! >_<)

2/08/2007 6:41 pm  
Blogger MrBonk said...

Hey hey! Work's been good....lots of fun playing with xmlHttpRequest stuff :) I see you've been out with your super-short lens too.....lucky bugger!

2/08/2007 7:49 pm  
Anonymous Firewave said...

ah good ol' xmlHttpRequest :D It's very handy!

Yeah I recently bought another lens - cringe - it's a 10.5mm full frame fisheye :D

And hey, the wind picked up - can't beat those tropical lows ;)

2/09/2007 9:37 pm  
Blogger MrBonk said...

10.5mm?? Nice!

You're not wrong about the was *too* windy yesterday afternoon. Gusting to over 30kts....averaging about 25. Too much for this skinny little dude :-(

2/10/2007 7:44 am  

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