Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An update on the car crash yesterday.

According to the paper (and the witnesses of the accident), the guy in the car that hit our building was attempting to leave the carpark across the road and decided he couldn't be bothered to let the traffic clear, so he just floored it and blindly entered the traffic flow. Unfortunately, the traffic was flowing a little too closely and he got clipped from behind, which speared him into the front of our building. Here's a couple of pix that show you just how much fun you can have if you combine a lack of brain cells with a licence to drive.

Apparently the noise inside the building was spectacularly loud, so I'm glad I was out the back and totally unaware :-)

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Anonymous Firewave said...

LOL, it's a war zone out there! Lucky no one was walking out of that door at the time...

By the way the photos from Girraween National Park aren't showing up properly in Firefox, probably because the server isn't sending the right MIME type (which might be because their file extensions are capitalised and the server isn't set up to associate that with the JPEG MIME type; e.g. King_parrot_at_oreillys1.JPG doesn't display as an image, but Rosellas_at_oreillys.jpg does)

Oh, and cane trucks? I know exactly what you mean - I got showered with a veritable tempest of cane fragments recently :/

10/14/2005 12:09 pm  
Blogger MrBonk said...

Hmmmm....I didn't realise that was happening.....when I open them in Firefox, they work fine. Unfortunately, I can't get FTP access to be able to just upload new ones....I'll have to redo the post from scratch. Bugger.

10/15/2005 9:48 pm  
Anonymous Firewave said...

Hmm, weird, maybe the new version of Firefox I'm running (the beta of 1.5) handles the MIME types differently than 1.0.x

10/16/2005 2:35 am  
Blogger MrBonk said...

Nope....scratch that. I just installed Firefox (1.0.6) on a new computer and took a look at those photos.....they don't render properly on this one either.

10/16/2005 10:21 am  
Blogger Yeebok said...

Works a treat for me.. they display fine today (17/10) and do not recall them looking fnutched previously.

I've been / am using 1.07 for a while now, maybe 1.06 had some fnutchup in the way it handled MIMEs ?

10/17/2005 5:49 pm  
Anonymous Firewave said...

Well, Firefox 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 and 1.5 beta 2 all behave the same way - they correctly obey the MIME/Content-Type that's being specified... the problem is that, for the .JPG file extension, the server is sending back this:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/plain

Whereas for the .jpg file extension, the server is sending back the correct header, this:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: image/jpeg

IE will display it fine because IE pretty much ignores the Content-Type (which has, in the past, led to a bunch of exploits, but that's another story). I'm not sure why it's displaying fine for you yeebok, because I just got someone else running 1.0.7 to try it and the same thing happens - the issue is on the server end. The only thing I can think of is that there's a transparent proxy somewhere between me and the server (and Mr Bonk and the server) that's changing the Content-Type along the way.

10/17/2005 8:06 pm  

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