Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mountain boarding

After finding such a good spot for the buggy, I decided to get hold of a mountain board to use with the kite. I got myself a Dirty Theory Blackhawk "S" and decided to give it a whirl out the back of my house where they're putting in a new road. There's a long, gentle slope there (basically the road they're putting in) which is still just that red volcanic dirt we get around here. So, with helmet, rollerblading knee pads and my wrist guards on, off I went. Not hard at all really, except I didn't expect the board to be so hard to slide. At the bottom of the hill, I leaned back and tried to push my back foot out. Wrong......the board just held its track and I fell on my arse, cutting my hand on the gravel. Mountain Board 1 : MrBonk 0.

There's another area across the road that they're using as a base for all the heavy equipment etc, and also where they're driving the trucks over and back from wherever they're getting all the dirt/soil/gravel/whatever they're using for this road. I could see a steeper hill over the back there, so I wandered over to give it a go. When I got there, the area at the bottom was badly churned up from the trucks, but the hill itself was pretty smooth, so I gave it a go. Half way down, picking up speed......uh oh, should have planned where I was gonna go at the bottom! I aimed for what appeared to be a reasonable flat bit, but when I hit it, it turned out to be a truck wheel rut and had been filled with loose gravel/dirt. The board pretty much stopped, but I didn't and ended up on my arse again. I landed heavily on my left 'cheek' that time, made the cut on my left hand even worse and cut my elbow. Mountain Board 2 : MrBonk 0.

I had a couple more runs and walked home :-)

Notes to self: Get some gloves. Get some elbow pads. Don't wear your work clothes when you go mountain boarding. It's gonna take a lot of soaking to get the red dirt out of my beige shorts....*sigh*



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