Sunday, July 15, 2007

The audacity of some people!!

Yesterday morning, while I was sitting here having my coffee, I heard the water tap on the front of our house go on. "How very odd" I thought, so I went out to have a look. There's a house being built next door and it appears the builders (and everyone else) has just been helping themselves to our water! Fkng thieving bastards. There's the plumber (of all people, he certainly should know better!) with a hose hooked up to our tap and just running, full bore, out onto the dirt.

I said "Uh, what's the story with the hose??"
He said " can probably turn that off now."
I said "Yeah, no's MY fkng water, which we have to PAY for! Make sure it doesn't get turned on again."
He said "Uh....yeah....ok."

So now I've had to buy 'vandal proof' tap tops, at MY expense, to stop the thieving bastards from doing it again. Unfkngblvbl.



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