Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social degeneration?

Every morning, I go for a walk around the corner to my favourite coffee shop for my daily caffeine hit. In order for me to get to said coffee shop, I have to walk past one of the astoundingly high number of pubs in this town. What's even more astounding, however, is the fact that virtually the same assortment of no-hoper types are invariably there, every day, without fail.

This really does beg a couple of questions. Why on earth does anyone need to be pissed at 08:30 in the morning? Honestly, even if you weren't gainfully employed (as this collection of miscreants clearly aren't), surely there's something more productive you could be doing with your time at that hour of the day?? Of course, that begs another question in that if you weren't pissed at the pub at 08:30 every day, perhaps you may find it easier to become gainfully employed?

Now, don't think I'm only talking about blokes here. Roughly half of the aforementioned group are women. And what a delightful bunch of ladies they are too. I don't think I've even heard sailors swear as much as this lot. Just lovely :-/

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