Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wrist pain.

Just recently, I've been starting to get really sore wrists.....the right much more so than the left. I put it down to too much computer work, but it's been steadily getting worse and worse. I tried to go for a kite a little while ago and had to come back in after only 2 short runs because the pain was unbelievable :-( I went to the doc....he tells me I've got Tendonitis. Great. He tells me I shouldn't kite for 6 to 12 weeks. Awesome. I'm supposed to be spending a week at Elliott Heads with the rest of the local kite crew in the week before Easter. Given that's only 3 weeks away now, that's not looking good :-( I figure I won't kite at all in the meantime, so I just *might* be ok to kite at Easter. Fingers crossed!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I got me a new toy :)

I just got myself a new 19" LCD monitor (a BENQ FP91V, for the other geeks out there...). How nice is it being able to look at my screen in 1280 x 1024 and have the entire picture crystal clear over the *entire* screen? I'll tell's fkng great! My ageing 19" Mitsubishi CRT can't cope with that res and stay in focus for some reason. Even though it says it can in the manual. Mind you, it's been in for repairs 3 times during the time I've owned it.....I'll never buy another Mitsubishi monitor as long as I live.

So, anyway....given that I've been a Slack Bastard® and haven't bothered to post here in a while, I suppose I should mention a few other things of note. First and foremost, Michelle is up and going fine on the kite now. Going upwind and all :-) Now I reckon that's pretty damned cool myself.....there are presently *no* other girls kiting around here! We've had some pretty crap weather of late I type this, it's been raining pretty well constantly for the entire day now. When it *has* actually been blowing it's been ok, but those days have been few and far between just recently. Michelle got a couple of awesome shots of me at Elliott Heads in early February:

And before the 'leash police' start getting all bent out of shape, I *am* wearing a leash.......I never kite without one. It's just very difficult to make out in those 2 shots. It's a 'through the bar' 5th line safety, so the connection is obscured behind the chickenloop in both those shots.

Work is still progressing nicely, although a bit slowly owing to the fact that I've had to fill in for someone while they were on leave for a my programming project basically got put on hold during that time. I tried to keep going on it, but it was a waste of time really.....I'd just get started on something and I'd get interrupted and lose my train of thought.....hate that!

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