Sunday, October 23, 2005

Finally got out for a kite!

The rain stopped for long enough for me to finally get back out for a kite.....I was starting to suffer withdrawl there!! Only problem.....very light wind, meaning I had to break out the big monster 16m kite. Man that thing is a chore to pump up. It's like setting up a goddam wedding marquee. But, being the desperate soul that I am, I did it anyway :)

One bonus about riding the big kites is that every thing you do is super floaty. Transitions seem to take forever and it feels like you've got so much time to think about everything while you're just hanging around up there.....very cool :) Unfortunately, being a light bloke means I get overpowered quite easily. It's only gotta pick up 3 knots and I'm looking to come in for a smaller kite! But anyway, it's a day at the beach, which is infinitely better than a day in front of the idiot box :)

Michelle got up on the board again......numerous times, until we finally ran out of water. The shallows were getting just a little bit too shallow! Just need mother nature to cooperate a bit more when she's not working so she can get going properly :)

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